10 Teams that are scoring big with the ladies

Featured imageHey, I’m all about diversity when it comes to the fanbase.  The more people we can get interested, the better the game is for everyone.  Here we learn from Forbs that ten teams are increasing their focus on increasing their female fanbase.

Fast forward to today, and female sports fans make up 35% of fans in each professional sports league, according to Nielson (2014), and that stat pales in comparison to female Major League Baseball fans on social media.

Female fans have been increasing in numbers, becoming more vocal online, and Major League Baseball (MLB) teams have responded.

You do have to be very careful to promote your product in a  way that appeals to the more casual female fan, but does not pander or belittle them.  It’s tough to get someone into an integrate sport like baseball without coming across as talking down to someone. For their part, the Rangers seem to be well aware of that.

“We make an effort to cultivate our female fan base by hosting various special events that appeal to women. Examples include “Fields of Fashion” featuring a Q&A with player’s wives and a Rangers fashion show, wine tasting, and a Mother’s Day celebration (when our game schedule cooperates). We’ve also been fortunate to have a Women’s Club for 40 years – members of the Women’s Club are some of our most active and enthusiastic fan ambassadors.

I think it is important for all professional sports teams and leagues to understand the dynamics and intricacies of each segment of their fan base. For us that means not only hosting events geared towards women, but also being careful not to patronize our female fan base. This year we’ve hosted a Baseball 101 Class, and a Scorekeeping Class, but both events were targeted to all fans – not just women – and attendance was evenly split between male and female at both events.”

Minnesota has a interesting view of the situation

“We don’t view connecting with our female fans any differently than connecting with our male fans. We strive to create engaging content that resonates with all of our fans. Based on focus group research, our female fans are looking for many of the same things our male fans are: a sense of connection to the game, their loved ones and the community, which we strive to offer in-stadium and across our social platforms.”

So what say you, especially our female readers?  Do things like Fields of Fashion offend you or are you happy you are gaining increased attention within the ranks of Baseball’s marketing divisions?  I am a huge fan of the scorekeeping class, something I think would appeal to not only both genders, but the young and old alike.  The other week I was at a game and saw a father teaching his son how to keep sore and it struck me as to just how rare a sight that is these days.  I hope teams do more events like that to help ease newcomers to the sport, both male and female.

39 thoughts on “10 Teams that are scoring big with the ladies

  1. You do have to be very careful to promote your product in a way that appeals to the more casual female fan, but does not pander or belittle them.


    Oh wait, this isn’t HBT so we’ll probably get a decent discussion here without referring to someone as a b*#@h or something similar.

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  2. Not surprising to see the Phillies near the top of the list. Chicks dig the long ball and RAJ has assembled a pitching staff to please them. 🙂


  3. Braves represent!

    I’m probably the wrong female to ask about this sort of thing. Recently the Brewers had a ladies’ night, where you got some dumbass feather boa, two glasses of wine, some fancy appetizers, and nail polish or some damn thing like that. Needless to say I was not interested.

    I mean. If you need that stuff to get them in the door, okay, but not every lady wants it. For me, the game is enough. But the game has always been enough. I’m not watching for eye candy (there’s no one left in the league who trips my trigger anyway).

    The thing that bothers me to no end is the insistence that women want pink, flowered crap on our gear. I don’t mind the occasional rhinestone – in fact, I have a nice Braves shirt that has a few on it – but its also in team colors, too.

    Like I said, I might not be the right girl to ask. However, all of my friends agree with me, so maybe I onto something.

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    1. I’m not there for the eye candy, but if some happens to present itself, I’m not going to let it go.

      I agree, especially regarding the pink. My team colors are not pink. My favorite hoodie is navy blue and the TB has a few rhinestones on it in team colors. It’s perfect.

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      1. Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t it be better to reach out to the female fans, maybe ask them questions about how/why they became baseball fans, and work from there?

        Or they can just do the pandering stuff professormaddog mentioned…

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      2. Seems to me it’s the typical old white man philosophy of why bother to actually ASK the fans, or you know, consult with a female, when it’s much easier to just trust the male who clearly knows best. I mean, there’s a reason we don’t let women folk vote around here. They’ll just pick the guy with the nicest butt, instead of looking at the issues right? I mean, the woman’s brain is only so large right? Right?



    2. I never understood the appeal. I’m sure some pink is nice, especially for ta-ta awareness month, but they do seem to have gone overboard on it. I wouldn’t think they would be that popular, but they keep making them, so what do I know. I also hate any sort of color that is not official team color. I don’t need to see a hat with the Orioles logo in green, or the Yankees in Red. STOP IT NOW!

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  4. So the Rangers approach appears to be typical retrograde pandering, the idea that women can’t appreciate the sport if it does not tie into supposedly ‘girly’ things like fashion. The Twins have the right idea: make a great product and attempt to be as gender neutral as possible while increasing access to the product and lo and behold, female fans will show up.

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  5. The score keeping class would be wonderful. My girlfriend and I go to about 10 Cleveland games a year, sometimes in away cities. I like to keep score but can’t when we go together because it would seem like I was there by myself. As long as the beer is cold, the day is sunny, and there are no errors (she hates errors), everything is dandy. Bad defensive plays usually get a ‘harumph, I coulda made that play, and these guys are PROFESSIONALS!’ from her. She couldn’t care less about stats, though (sigh).

    Oh, yeah, and my usual response: ‘yeah, you probably coulda’

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    1. My ex had never been to a professional baseball game in her life until we were together. I took her to a Mariner’s game and it took her all of two innings and a Bret Boone home run for her to be yelling and screaming louder than I ever have.

      I don’t think anything special needs to be done for female fans. Don’t do promotions that make the sport appear to be gender specific. Put a good product on the field. Make certain your merchandise is in all colors and is not a promotion of bro-athlete culture. I really have never had a problem converting a girlfriend into a baseball fan. And I mean an actual fan, not just a woman who will watch because its what I want to do.

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      1. Um, I just realized I mistyped when I said “Make certain merchandise is in all colors”….I meant sizes. Colors is the problem, assuming women must have pink versions and other such BS.

        Edit function? Pretty please?


  6. I learned how to keep score when I was 11 years old, so I am also the wrong woman to ask. Teams have to be careful with these marketing to females only because they don’t want to appear condescending to the female fans. Classes should be available to everyone. The Rays did some giveaways for female fans and I must admit, some of them were appealing to me. The Rays cowgirl hat, for example, was nice. I don’t know why they couldn’t have made it in two sizes and had it for the men also.

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    1. The Orioles tried to give away a wrist-let purse thingy earlier in the year and my Ex was super stoaked to get it. They canceled the game due to the riots, and moved the give away to another game. So we traded in our tickets, only to find the 15,000 wrist-lets ended up being more like 2,000 since I’m pretty sure all the employees ganked them. Not only that, but the wrist-let was White and Orange. No bullshit pink to be found. Seemed to me to be a perfect way to get the ladies involved with something they might actually like and use, but not be some crap like lipstick or a makeup pouch. I found the damn things going on Ebay for like $80 the next day.

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      1. See, that kind of thing is cool. It’s useful, it shows team loyalty, and it was probably made for game going ladies in mind. I know I only carry the tiniest bag with me to the ballpark.


  7. Back in the Frying Pan, there was a TV station that made an ad for its sports show. The commercial was of a wedding and as they panned over the scene, you could hear an announcer calling a football game. When the camera came around to the bride, you could see that she had an earpiece in and was listening to the game. That’s how you market to women.

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    1. Exactly. There’s a reason I fell in love with the woman who became my wife. We closed down a club in NYC, she drank beer, she liked dirty jokes, and the next morning we spent the day watching the first round of the NCAA tournament.

      She was pretty much a carbon copy of me, but looked a lot better in a dress and heels…

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  8. Do you people not understand?

    When I, as a white male, look through my monocle down upon the crowd from my seat in the owner’s box….with a small immigrant boy as my footstool and another to serve as an astray for my preposterously large cigar…..I want to be able to tell at a glance how many people in my stadium are good, honest, hardworking men taking a well-deserved break from the daily grind….and how many people are irresponsible and disreputable women who should be in their homes working to maintain the homes their husbands have so graciously provided for them.

    The only way for me to make this determination at a glance is to color-code you all. The men wear clothing crafted in the colorations of the home team, and the women wear something pink and shiny thrown slapdashedly together by a few of the spare immigrant children we’ve got laying around here. It’s a system that works for everyone.

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      1. All I notice is that you have no ring on that finger.

        If you spent more time in the kitchen than the ballyard, and softened up that attitude of yours, you’d find a man to help fulfill your biological imperative to have some sons. Take it from me….I’m a man, I know these things.


      2. Broken? I’ll have you know that every one of my Edison brand phonograph wax cylinders are in pristine condition. These are quite durable contraptions.

        Those young upstarts with their silly gramophones though….I don’t know why those people bother. They are of flimsy construction and inferior sound quality. They’ll never last.

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      1. How does…? You poors and your silly questions.

        They stand perfectly still with their necks craned back and eyes shut. The cigar is then lain across the bridge of their nose, with the butt often resting against the brow or forehead. I suppose they could open their eyes if they wanted to get ash in them, but while nobody would mistake these children for being educated, they do seem to have a rudimentary sense of self-preservation.

        Their hair? Do you have any idea what kind of bugs and parasites are crawling around in their hair? Every immigrant child is shaved, head to toe, thrice a week to prevent any such infestations. Can you imagine the scandal a vermin infestation from one of those urchins would cause?


        1. Or just watch the republican debates and wonder what it must be like to be so isolated from reality that those seem like smart things to so….and how stupid they must think people are if they will buy any of that crap.

          I can’t recall such a circus of candidates before. So sad that our country has come to this.

          These things remind me of the apparently over the top futuristic stuff you would see in a movie like Running Man….but man, we are getting really close to showing those imaginings to have been more prophetic than satirical.


      1. Watch the debates? Look….I’m committed to my craft, but I’m not a masochist.

        But yeah, Idiocracy was funnier before I realized it was actually a documentary sent back from the future.

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        1. I know, right?

          It makes you appreciate the genius of people that understand where as a society and get people to laugh at it.

          I couldn’t stomach watching the debates either, but the commentary and news coverage and just the lists of quotes or answers to questions are pretty freaking scary.

          When you read a summary of a debate and think, “Well shit, I guess it could be a whole lot worse that Bush 3.0″…man, depressing.

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