Jered Weaver has had enough of Kyle Seager’s shit

While I’m never in favor of intentionally hitting anyone, Kyle Seager kind of had it coming to him right?  I mean, the guy was being a total dick, not only in the way he was demanding time, but in the way he was verbally taunting Weaver.  Well, Weaver took the bait, and in what is probably the most deliberate plunking you’ll ever see drilled Seager in the ribs.

One thing to note, it’s supposed to be the Umpires discretion here on if and when to call time. I feel like the ump should have stepped in and told Seager to knock it off, that once you step in the box you are expected to be ready at that point.  I am curious to see if this ends up in any suspensions or not.

53 thoughts on “Jered Weaver has had enough of Kyle Seager’s shit

  1. I don’t see how Seager did anything out of line. Seeing players hold up a hand for time while they get settled in the box is nothing remotely new. Weaver was just having a bad day on the mound (no surprise there) and decided to let his frustration out by intentionally hitting him.

    By the way, Weaver started running his mouth first.


    1. I think what finally pushed Weaver over the edge was Seager yelling “I’m fucking ready.” while requesting time for the second consecutive time. Kind of like when your kid brother decides to play the “I’m not touching you.” game. Yes, you’re not technically doing anything wrong, but you are obviously trying to annoy me. You can tell Weaver was already on edge at the pitch before. Seager just tipped the scale slightly.


      1. I think Seager was saying “I’m fucking getting ready”. I don’t have a problem with Seager doing what he did. Weaver should have just stepped off the mound 2 or 3 times in a row, and used that to show his displeasure, rather than first barking at Seager, then hitting him. Kind of a “you make me wait, I’ll make you wait”. Weak stuff by Weaver.

        I like intentional HBP in the right situations. They do serve a purpose. Hard takeout slide? Next guy gets drilled. Opposing pitcher hitting a few guys, next guy gets drilled. They protect teammates. Maybe not today, but in future games, I think they absolutely do. A manager might not leave a starter in to hit his 3rd batter tomorrow. A runner may not slide so late and violently tomorrow. Your cleanup hitter can get a little more comfortable in the box knowing there’s less of a chance of high and tight.What was the purpose here though? Boredom?

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  2. I watched every angle of this I could find last night, mostly because I have a soft spot for Jered Weaver.

    They were both stupid. Weaver’s a cranky old man who is somehow still younger than me, and Seager is a kid yet. Seager egged him on, though, doing his best Taxi Driver impression. 🙂

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    1. While I agree about intentional plunkings being dangerous and dumb, I can’t agree with CC’s headline without acknowledging Seager’s douchiness. He was taking his time, in the box yes, but clearly on purpose. Both guys are idiots. Weaver clearly has control of his beanball and hit him where you normally would intentionally hit someone (butt or arm). Again, still not right, but I’m not crying over this spilt milk whatsoever.

      Craig found it funny what Seager did, but imagine being Weaver in that situation. Your timing is a big part of your game and the batter is messing with you on purpose. I’d be annoyed too. Don’t plunk him, strike his ass out next time!

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      1. i found it funny. he was being an ass, yes, but small a ass. weaver took the bait, stretched out his bullpen and put a runner on base.

        this is a small controvertsy. I am on seager’s side because its funny, but I admit they were both dumb


    2. I haven’t been back to that site since I came over here. Don’t figure on starting now.

      But based on the words in that link, I’d agree with him. It doesn’t matter how much stalling or mouthing off that Seager is doing…..once you throw a baseball at a guy with deliberate intent to hit him, you are the only asshole in the situation.

      The announcers are laughably bad at their jobs too. It was not a “quick ejection”, it was a perfectly timed hook…..and the idea that Weaver “had no choice” but to throw at Seager like that is up there with the stupidest shit that Joe Morgan ever said into a microphone.

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      1. Word.

        There is always a choice. Weaver made his choice to forego good sense and plunk a kid he could’ve easily gotten out. Better to humiliate him than drill him in the ribs.

        There’s a time and place for a beanball, and y’all, that’s not it.


      2. When is there a time and place for beanballs? I DISAGREE RAH RAH RAH! You see? This is fun. But really, I don’t know of a time.

        Weaver did escalate this and as a result should take the blame and ejection. But to paint this black and white is wrong in my opinion. How does Seager get zero blame here? The ump should get blame too, probably the most for not handling this earlier. He clearly knew what was happening, else he wouldn’t have been so trigger happy with the ejection.

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      3. How does Seager get zero blame here?

        Craig specifically mentions that Seager was a bit of a jerk, but everyone on HBT (intentionally?) overlooked that.

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      4. One point I want to make: It was obvious watching the video that Seager and Weaver were having a back and forth verbally even before Seager made the exaggerated gesture. Without knowing what was said, I am uncomfortable calling his move a jerk move. Throwing at a player, however, is always a jerk move.


      5. i agree with all of this (i do go back, but not as much though)

        the angels broadcast guys were dumb. I think this may be a good strategy for people, to piss weaver off, except the angels are better off without him


    3. I just clicked the link. My first time back in a while. What I really like, is that they have 121 comments, and this is our 31st.

      1/4 of national, billion dollar, well established NBC’s participation? I’ll take it!!!

      Good job team!

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  3. Also, this is a good topic b/c there is clear disagreement about how this went down and who is at fault….so let’s discuss until we have solved all of the world’s problems.


      1. If we don’t have disagreements and constructive discussions about those disagreements, we may as well start working at FoxNews or MSNBC, and pandering only to those that follow in line. Ya feel me? Can I get a witness???!!! Let t he light wash down upon you and cleanse your soul!!!


        1. Imma get back to you on that but first I have to adjust my cup and make sure I got some spring in my stance. I’m making magic here. Magic.

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      2. Holy shit…now I can’t stop laughing….I am just picturing you with a wide stance, adjusting your cup, while holding a hand out to stall any conversation until you are ready. Too. Fucking. Funny.

        I mean, it isn’t Joani Mitchell funny, but it’s up there.

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      3. But that clock probably reminded Weaver exactly how much Seager was showing him up based on the “The More You Make Me Wait The More You Are Showing Me Up Theorem”. And with a quick calculation, he realized that after 30 seconds, he was obligated to plunk Seager due to excessive showing-me-up-ness. Of course, the theory has two adjustments based on the races of the participants, being white Seager had to show him up longer to earn the plunking, but being white, Weaver required less time to get his panties in bunch….so the two corrections cancelled one another out.


  4. OMG, that whole HBT post and comment thread is depressing. It’s hard to see something you loved go to pot. And, Craig seems so bitter. Geez, what a downer.

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    1. Yea. I was kind of joking when I quoted him above, but it’s really kind of shocking to see him this way. It’s the first post I’ve read in almost two weeks, and only because it was linked here. I try to visit the site on occasion, but never get past the first page. It’s just a shell of itself, and it’s really sad to see. Those execs just completely ruined a great thing, and did so for no good reason.


      1. Sadly, a lot of the commenter handles are familiar to me. It just seems like there’s no goodwill left there. A lot of the folks with good camaraderie left and those who remain have turned on each other.

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      2. I also noticed that a lot of regulars there are behaving badly now. I left a note about it, the whole thing makes me sad. I also can’t get past the first page, the layout is terrible and bogs down every browser I try.

        My impression, honestly, is that for Craig he shifted from wanting to have a friendly and intelligent community to wanting to be pals with the sportswriters he likes. Going corporate made that a reality for him, but his attitude towards his regulars became take it or leave it in the process. I remember when it was a big deal that he had lunch with Gator, and where it was possible to meet him for a game when he was in a city. When he came through Seattle, he made it clear that he didn’t want to meet any of us here, and nowadays a lot of his writing is about how he gets to be in the press box and have lunch with baseball writers.

        Oh well, I hope his new friends are more fulfilling than his old friends.

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      3. I also can’t get past the first page, the layout is terrible and bogs down every browser I try.

        Thank you, I thought it might have been a scripting error after using, I think longfootlefty’s, adblock script. The old site you could scroll back for days and weeks to find old posts, now it seems to stop at 15 or so.

        I have a feeling Craig has noticed that A, traffic is probably down, and B, many of the old regulars comment infrequently, if at all. Speaking of old regulars, anyone send cur68 the link to this site? I’ve seen him pop up on HBT the last few days.

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      4. I still read HBT posts via the wordpress reader where it places all of the blogs I follow in one spot and so I have to deal with the NBCSports site way less that way. The comments above are exactly what I was getting at regarding the atmosphere over there now, which is why I linked it. It is kinda sad to see such a drastic change in tone of the posts and tone of the comments. Still not PFT bad though.


      5. You know, I get being excited about being able to hang out with sportswriters. If I had a chance to hang out with Jonah Keri, I’d take it. But I also think it would be cool to have lunch with Gator, or go to a museum with Historio, or a game with Scout (Bmore ’16 or bust?). Craig must’ve decided that we weren’t cool anymore. But I think, hands down, our group is probably one of the most well informed collection of baseball blog commenters out there. I learn something new all the time, and have fun while doing it.

        I think even when we disagree, we can respect one another, and that is pretty awesome.

        But seriously, HBC meetups need to be a thing.

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  5. It should be noted that Seager has crappy walk up music but that the intro for him that the Mariners put together (and for Cano) is badass. Context.


  6. Seager hadn’t been hit was an 83 MPH fastball since high school. Seager had to wait longer for that fastball to reach the plate, than Weaver had to wait for Seager to get ready.

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  7. Wow. I actually perused the comment section. Even Craig got in on the act, posting a comment himself:

    “Most of your comments are really bad. None of you are defending, in isolation, the act of throwing a baseball at someone. You’re all defending tradition without appreciating that tradition can and often is dumb.

    Also: I presume most of you get rightfully angry when an NFL player stomps on someone’s leg or something. How is this in any way different?”

    This is fantastic, in so many ways. A) He has so little participation now, that he actually bothers to post comments. B) He is once again insulting his commenters. C) It looks like he drove off his reasonable commenters, and picked up Florio commenters, which I’m sure is driving him mad.

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed that.


    1. After wading through that cesspool of comments, I felt compelled to post a response to Craig’s comment that you quoted above:

      “I feel like a few weeks ago, the comments would not have been so aggressive and generally horrendous. I know the unbranding of HBT wasn’t your idea, but I can’t say what has happened to the comment section is surprising.

      Just reads like any other troglodyte-ridden comment section now, which I’m sure you and NBC don’t care about, but it is still sad to those of us that used to enjoy avoiding work on the site.”

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      1. I saw that. I saw reflex’s too. I “thumbs upped” them both. I didn’t want too, because, well, that’s still participating in his blog, but I really like both comments. I’m still reading the comments.

        I realy like our “like” button as opposed to just a thumbs up button. Often times, the only time I comment is when I disagree with someone. So it leads to feuds, because so and so and I never agree on anything. Often times, I agree with everything he or she wrote for weeks on end, but I don’t comment “Yep, agree, well said”. Now, I can.

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      2. “I’m still reading the comments.”

        I should clarify. I’m still currently reading the comments of that post. I’m not currently still visiting HBT to read comments on every article like I used to.


  8. My two cents on two different things; 1- I still firmly believe that any thread that gets more than 125 posts is sure to be a shitshow on HBT. 2- I am sick of posting replies that end up on other threads other than what I intended.

    Seeing how I’m the least missed on their, no harm, no foul but, it now seems that the fool’s I warned Craig about are posting the most. They are still getting downvotes, but they are still getting upvotes too….so there is that.


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