Free Game Of The Day – Orioles @ Rays 6:10 CT


Boy, that is one miserable looking ballpark.

Anyhoo….today’s free game is between two teams who, in only the most optimistic sense, have an outside chance at grabbing on to the 2nd WC spot in the AL.   They won’t of course, but maybe….just maybe….they could.

If you want to watch two teams fight to stave off mathematical elimination for one more day, put your clicky thing here.

In earlier baseball news, the Cubs finished up a 7-4 road trip…including taking 2 of 3 in STL and 3 of 4 in PIT.  I’m not one to put any stock in things like “statement games” or the like, but there is something to be said for team full of rookies and young guys in everyday roles seeing for themselves that they are capable of winning games in either of these parks, since both STL and PIT had 50-24 records at home coming into play today and Cubs’ road through the playoffs will most likely go through both cities.

In other earlier baseball news, two crappy AL teams played and nobody cared.

27 thoughts on “Free Game Of The Day – Orioles @ Rays 6:10 CT

    1. It is really nice to see Matt Moore doing this. Only a short time ago, he was Baseball America’s #1 overall prospect, with Bryce Harper 2, and Mike Trout 3. I think BA got that one wrong, even if Moore goes on to win 3 Cy Youngs.

      I feel terrible for Moore. He has truly been awful. Then he got sent to the minors, and k’d 16 in a 6 ip start. Only 2 outs were made by putting the ball in field. It was domination. Then he comes back, and gets crushed. The Sawx hit 4 HR off of him in 4+ IP last week.


  1. Not this game. But Jimmy Nelson just got hit in the head by a line drive….it was measured at 104 MPH. He walked off under his own power and actually tried to talk himself back in the game. Pretty scary.

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    1. Saw it. It was pretty scary. He’s currently atva local hospital getting a CT scan. He is still lucid, but still incredibly scary.

      Jimmy’s one of the bright spots on this awful team I hope he’ll be okay.


      1. Clyde, they sent Jimmy to the hospital right away. So far, so good – just a little more testing but so far Brewers’ social media folks aren’t reporting anything worrying.


        1. good. when my kid cracked his skull he spent 3 days in the hospital. there was no problems save for the cracked skull, but they damn sure weren’t letting him out for a while.


  2. I don’t know how much more of Kevin Cash I can take. How do you allow 1 pitcher, a rookie at that, to face 9 batters in the 8th inning? 3-0 when he came in. He has allowed 6 of 8 batters to reach, and the score is now 4-3. He’s still pitching, with runners on 1st and 2nd.

    Kevin Cash is one of the worst in game decision maker’s I have ever seen. His “challenge anything close” mentality has cost the Rays at least 2 games. “2nd inning, close play, why not?” Well Kevin, sometime in the next 5 innings, Logan Forsythe may get thrown out at first when he was really safe, and the tying run might cross at the same time. That happened 3 weeks ago.


      1. That’s a fun little thing to click around on….

        If you pick the blank spot at the top instead of a team, you can see that the umpires themselves call for the most reviews. I think that’s surprising, but also, somehow not surprising….

        The top 5 teams in terms of challenging calls, and their success rate at having those calls overturned (not at all surprised to see the Cubs up this high)
        Rays – 48 review plays, 29% overturned (ouch)
        Red Sox – 48 review plays, 37.5% overturned
        Rangers – 46 review plays, 37% overturned
        Rockies – 43 review plays, 49% overturned
        Cubs – 43 review plays, 56% overturned

        If you had asked before I looked it up, I would have said I was pretty happy with Maddon’s replay usage. And since the overall average overturn percentage across all 1189 total replays this season is 49%, it seems Maddon is indeed ahead of the curve here.

        And also Kevin Cash does indeed look to pretty goddammed awful at this stuff.

        There’s probably a whole post buried in the data on that site. Maybe something to do in the offseason….


        1. What’s interesting is that last year, Maddon wasn’t quite as good. Maybe there’s a learning curve (Cash is a rookie) or maybe the Rays people saying to review the play are not as good as the Cubs people.


      2. I’m not sure it is even fair to praise or condemn managers for the challenges. They NEVER see the video themselves and aren’t even talking to the guys reviewing the video. I’m sure they give instructions or decide “I don’t care about this call, it isn’t worth losing a challenge over”…but for the most part it is whoever is looking at the video that decides if something should be challenged or not.


        1. I’m playing around with the data a little. Better teams seem to be at 50-50 or slightly better than 50%, except for the Yankees, outliers at a 74% overturn rate. Being “great” at replay overturn doesn’t correlate to a good winning percentage.

          Nevertheless, the Rays should review their process. They’re definitely outliers. I wouldn’t pin all the blame on Cash–the people reviewing the video are also part of this process–but ultimately it’s his call to review the play, and I’ve seen him waste his review too early in the game. There’s some strategy involved too. I dislike the way the whole system works.


        2. Yeah, the system itself is a cumbersome. I agree that teams should get “credit” or “blame” for being good or bad at challenges, rather than 1 guy…seems like most of the credit or blame should go to the guy(s) watching the video.

          Then again, I’ve seen plenty of obviously wrong calls stand and plenty of obviously right calls overturned and plenty of inconclusive plays overturned.

          It really does seem like rolling the dice.

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      3. That’s fair, it’s definitely a chain of people making those decisions rather than just the one guy on the field.

        But the skipper is the guy that puts that chain together, isn’t he? I mean, if Maddon (or any other manager) was continually dissatisfied with his replay challenge results, he would/should identify where the weak link in the chain is and replace it with a stronger link.


      4. Yeah, I agree. Someone, manager or GM is the person giving directives like “be conservative and only challenge when you there is good evidence (no need to piss off the umps)” versus “challenge freaking everything because most games we won’t challenge anything (may as well use them up just because who knows what they’ll decide)”.


  3. Steve Cishek sells sea shells by the sea shore. I totally forgot that dude plays for the Cards.

    Miller Park is empty as hell. Holy crap. I don’t blame Brewers fans, though; that team is such a piece of crap right now. Ugh.


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