Enough is enough already

Featured image On September 15th, a game was played between the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The game lasted 16 innings and the two teams combined to trot out 58 players in the contest.  58.  Fifty-Eight.  That’s absolutely obscene.  And don’t even think about buying a program.  I guess it’s a good thing people don’t keep score anymore.  Ken Rosenthal over at Fox Sports thinks it may be time for a change.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia has advocated for a taxi squad in which teams could add different numbers of call-ups but activate only the same number – say, three – for each game. An executive suggested another other idea – stick to a 25-man roster, but allow teams to deactivate a certain number of players (most likely starting pitchers) each night. The effect would be the same.

I get the desire to call-up players in September as a reward for a good season or to get a glimpse at the players and all, but it’s getting out of hand.  I miss the days when a team couldn’t afford to bring out a new pitcher every two outs.  I think I’m most in favor of Mike Scioscia’s idea of a taxi squad.  Let each team designate an additional 3-5 players per game (or even once a week.)  It seems the most eloquent and simple solution to a problem of growing rosters in September.  In last night’s blowout loss against the Red Sox, the Orioles substituted 7 members of the starting lineup.  The team that remained on the field more closely resembled the Norfolk Tides than the Baltimore Orioles.  I’m pretty sure the 22,000 people in attendance didn’t pay 15-30 bucks a ticket to see that.

8 thoughts on “Enough is enough already

  1. I agree that there is a compromise here. Why not limit the roster expansion to start. 25 to 40 is kind of nuts. Especially since the MLB is trying hard to speed up the game.

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  2. I’ve always been fascinated by how the expanded rosters affect pennant races. I know all wins and losses are equal no matter when they happen during the season, but it seems that teams make (or miss out on) the postseason because they (or their Sept opponents) have fresher lineups/rotations/bullpens. Can’t recall if maybe the “chicken and beer” Red Sox fell prey to this at all. Who knows – maybe the bitter memory of the 2000 Indians missing the postseason by 1 game are blurring my thoughts.

    As a quick aside, I was a longtime lurker/non-commenter at HBT, and so I was thrilled to follow you all to this site after the recent bloodbath. Not sure if CC is doing this to prove (to himself?) that HBT comments are useless, but he’s posting patently idiotic comments on Twitter. I know that this happened to hittfamily and s/he didn’t appreciate it, but I don’t know if dolts such as fredusmc1977, scoocha, and the like would react similarly. At your blog I have found sweet relief from the mouthbreathers/trolls, and hope that denizens like Cur, STex, and others find their way over here too. Not saying I’ll be prolific or even contribute beyond this one paean, but I appreciate you setting this up and look forward to the conversations unfolding.

    Cheers – CL

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    1. Not sure how to edit comments yet, but just to clarify: hittfamily’s comments re: the HBT redesign were NOT “patently idiotic” – I was referring to CC’s act of posting hittfamily’s comment on Twitter rather than in the HBT comments. Sorry for creating any confusion.


      1. We got you good sir/ madam! Welcome to an oasis of clarity, critical thinking, gravitas and intelligent posts. You will get an edit function if scouts lets you post. Until then, you, like myself will be the welcome wagons. We need jwbiii and jimmiejohnson over here.

        I would recruit them if I knew that it would show up on the post I was aiming for, but you’re familiar with the clusterfuck it is now.

        Looking forward to reading your posts.


      2. I have received rumblings through my belly scales that Craig is not a happy camper these days. He’s not in a great spot. So, whereas it’s fair to be critical of his responses to our responses, I’d withhold judgment on his role in all of this. Really. There’s still a lot of brouhaha (Brouhaha? Hahahahahah.) to be played out over in the Peacock Dystopia.


    2. I don’t blame Craig for the redesign mess. I don’t blame him for wanting to shine a turd. I do blame him for dumping gas onto a wildfire and then wondering why it got out of control.

      The whole thing was handled badly.

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  3. clchic99: a fixed amount of confusion was created in Planck time, immediately following the Big bang. Confusion is neither created nor destroyed, but can be converted into other states bewilderment or stupidity whose patent relation to the original quantum of confusion is apparent, at least sometimes (consistency of relation would be no right confusion, after all). So don’t worry about it. Or worry about it. It depends on how confused you feel. Sometimes.


  4. Oh yeah, and I want to enter a dissenting voice. I love baseball and am always interested in having a look at the players of the future. I’m not much less interested in seeing how retreads who have fallen back into AAA Gehenna have fared when I see them ascend back to the majors after September 1. Anything that dilates a ballgame – e.g., anything that gives me more baseball in the fall (such as we have one here in the tropics, anyway), when the pull of the dark season without games becomes palpable and every pitch, every play, every mindless comment by an announcer, becomes ever more precious because you know that the orfseason impends. As the calendar unsheaves, the light fails a little more, bestirring your rod and cone opsins a little less. It’s like the candles guttering out in western Europe as the Romans packed up and headed home. Br-r-r-r-r-r.

    So I want to propose just the opposite. Rather than limit the number of players a team can use in a September game, let’s extend the regulation length of the games to eleven innings to make room for all those bright lights of the future, and reach out a compassionate hand to the lost souls struggling for a chance to prove their reconfabulated worth and find their ways back to the bigs. Especially in the American League, denuded of pathos by designatedhitterball, let’s restore the opportunity for heartbreak to those who manage to break the surface but are then condemned to sink beneath it again when their substandard play is exposed. Hell, let’s eliminate the designated hitter altogether in September, the added hour of playing time repopulated with low comedy as those gimps and blunderers have to be returned to the field to keep their bats in the lineup, and the renewed necessity of pinch-hitters bestows opportunity upon the bench ballast until it becomes time to pack one’s dufusbag again and head home for a weenter of selling shoes.

    Think outside the diamond, people!


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