The one team that’s most influenced this year’s playoff push

Featured imageJoel Sherman for the New York Post has a piece naming the Tigers (And Dave Dombrowski) as the most influential team in this year’s playoff push and how it all came down to one fateful week.

He called Ilitch and recommended the Tigers sell their three main free agents — Price, Yoenis Cespedes and Joakim Soria. The next day — with 48 hours remaining before the non-waiver trade deadline — Ilitch gave his blessings. Dombrowski began a 48-hour sale. And a baseball season changed forever.

Imagine if Detroit wins those three games, or even two. The White Sox, for example, played well in the week before the deadline and decided not to sell, particularly Jeff Samardzija. Many Mets officials believe arguably their worst loss of the season, the July 30 setback to the Padres in which they blew a 7-1 lead amid rain delays, convinced San Diego not to trade Justin Upton — a player the Mets were willing to acquire for a package similar to what ultimately landed them Cespedes.

Would the Blue Jays be where they are without Price?  Would the Mets?  Cespedes has been so good for the Mets, there’s even been rumblings about making him the MVP.

4 thoughts on “The one team that’s most influenced this year’s playoff push

    1. That’s a good list. J.A. Happ is very overlooked, but has been HUGE for the Pirates. Especially for a guy who was just supposed to soak up innings.

      Overall, a lot of the deadline deals worked out really well for teams. Might help encourage more activity in future years.


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