The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Lester is More:  In “Have We Entered an Alternate Dimension?” news, The Cubs’ Jon Lester picked off Starling Marte today. Yes. You read this correctly. Jon Lester, who hasn’t picked off a runner since 2011, picked off Starling Marte in an actual game today. Not to mention a complete game with nine strikeouts to boot. But seriously. Dude picked someone off. It’s incredible. I ought to stop the train right now, but…

Hey, Joe:  During today’s Red Sox/Orioles game, Joe Kelly left the mound with shoulder tightness and fatigue. He had an impressive streak going, winning his last eight straight outings. The Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham is reporting that the Sox will shut Kelly down. It’s too bad; I was hoping he’d eventually shave his godawfully bad moustache off and finally regain some facial dignity, but now I’ll never know.

But the glasses are nice, I'll give him that.
But the glasses are nice, I’ll give him that.

‘Cause The Eyes of a Ranger Are Upon You:  In July, the Rangers were eight games back and looked like a write-off. Now they lead the Astros in the AL West by a 1/2 game. Mitch Moreland did his part today, securing a win over Houston with a sac fly. Yesterday, the Rangers’ hosted a “Dinner with a Legend” program and the legend in question was my favorite person ever put on the earth, Greg Maddux. I’d like to think that being in close proximity to such overwhelming greatness gave the Rangers the boost they needed to defeat the ‘stros, but it’s probably just Prince Fielder getting his groove back. And no, Scout, I did not attempt to hitch hike down to Arlington to crash the dinner party.

markprior hurt again
No one wants to relive the sad misery of watching someone great get hurt every other week.

The Ghost of Mark Prior:  Stephen Strasburg did yeoman’s work this evening, defeating the Phillies in commanding fashion. Stras is a tragic figure to me; he has all the talent in the world and yet he’s incredibly unlucky on the injury front. He reminds me a lot of Mark Prior in that regard. I used to have a second sense about Prior – when I started thinking about him, it inevitably meant that he had torn a rotator cuff or stubbed his toe or something. I don’t have the same connection with Stras, but I do wish him well, and hope that next year, when the Nationals have traded him to a team with a better conditioning coach, he can once again log more innings pitched than days on the DL.

13 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

    1. Hair splitting is fine; I had to work a double today so everything is from the radio and Twitter. I saw the vine with Lester’s rundown on it; I’m just so impressed that he actually did it that I just couldn’t believe it.

      As of right now, they are still calling it a pickoff. We’ll know tomorrow, I’m sure.


      1. Oddly enough, on the box score, they are calling it both a pickoff and a caught stealing.

        They should really get their stories straight.


      2. I am pretty sure it is both.

        If the ball is never pitched, it is a pickoff.

        If the runner attempts to advance, it is a caught stealing.

        So a pickoff in which the guy is tagged out trying to dive back to the bag is only a pickoff….a pickoff in which the guy breaks for the next bag is both a pickoff and a caught stealing.

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  1. The only two things worse than that thing on Joe Kelly’s upper lip are the one that Travis Snider attempted to grow while he was with the Jays, and the pathetic attempt at a porn-stache by Joba.

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  2. If you know Joe Kelly, then you know that he would keep the mustache longer precisely BECAUSE it is horrible…indeed, he would make an effort to ensure it remains awful or cheesy because it would entertain him to do so…..and every person that commented on it would just increase his personal satisfaction and the likelihood that he maintained the thing.

    This is the guy that does limp wrist handshakes because people’s responses to it crack him up.


  3. Strasburg may just be one of those guys that is effective precisely because of the bad mechanics that lead to frequent injuries….like Jaime Garcia. Garcia looks like he is throwing a whiffle ball out there most days….but the things he does to get that movement lead to a lot of shoulder and elbow issues.

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      1. It’s two separate video clips. Koufax is interviewed by somebody else, at the time, and it’s Vin with a new short, today, talking about the game … today is the 50th anniversary. There’s other clips, from players in that game, too.

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