Quick Site Update

Featured imageI upgraded everyone from Author to Editor.  Basically it should alleviate the issue of everyone not being able to use tags and categories and such properly.  (My bad on that one, still learning the software.)  It should give you more power and options when writing posts.  It will also allow you to view and edit each other’s posts, so let’s not abuse that okay?  Good thing I trust you.  It also creates a scenario where if I’m away for a while, you all can pick up my slack and keep this place running.  This place wouldn’t work without all of your fine work.

According to WordPress.com

An Editor can create, edit, publish, and delete any post or page (not just their own), as well as moderate comments and manage categories, tags, and links.

24 thoughts on “Quick Site Update

  1. So what you are saying is… I can say fuck..AND delete Fred/chillpill?

    Dammit, if you can do it, WHY can’t Craig? I really like what you and everyone are doing, you have a great thing here! I’m sad I really can’t contribute anything worthwhile, however, I will do my best to be a troll-slayer if the need should arise.

    Level 46 Wizard- Rogue , neutral chaos…but kinda evil, but only to those that deserve it. Love you all!😉


    1. Craig “could have” taken 2 minutes to create an account at Pollhost, make a poll and drop a link on one of his blog posts, even if his NBC overlords refused to seek our feedback.

      But, you’re here! And we’re here!

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      1. Cool, I get to talk about how you’re always wrong when I disagree with your opinion? And you get to agree when I’m ALWAYS right disagreeing with your posts? Sounds like win/win to me! Love you Socratic. Cheers


        1. Not always … and opinion and facts are two different things! Unfortunately … sometimes, that’s not always recognized.

          As for “Bad Hair” … if you have no hair, you never have bad hair.


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