Free Game of the Day — Blue Jays v. Barves 6:10pm (CT)

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Want to watch the Jays mop up on the busted Barves?  We’ll comp you today.  There should be MVP-play porn from Josh Donaldson. Maybe Larry Jones will vent on Twitter (please, God).

Need more incentive? David Price. Who could ask for anything more?

As always, stream for free here.

35 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Blue Jays v. Barves 6:10pm (CT)

      1. Can we all elucidate a bit on what our respective names mean or how they were derived?

        Mine is simple and probably obvious. Originally, Mr. Jason “El Bravo” Heyward, I simply loved that man when he came up to the bigs. I still love Heyward but I try to pretend he doesn’t exist…His lackluster sophomore year along with the Braves beginning their downturn led me to drop everything except El Bravo. Just keepin’ it simple.

        Why El Bravo? I dunno, man. I was probably stoned or something and it sounded good. Coulda been “Brave Dude” or “Mr. Bravo” or “Atlanta Braves Fan” just as easily. So there you go.

        What about the rest of you with your weirder than weird names?

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        1. I know you don’t mean mine is weird, but I shall explain anyway. I started a blog writing about history stuff (as an independent scholar), and historiophiliac was just the “brand” I came up with for it. It’s supposed to signify someone with a passion for history (but not as staid as historiophile). I have been doing that blog for a few years, and when I started at HBT, I used that handle since I already had it set up for WordPress. I didn’t think long term about it. I’ve thought about coming up with a different one to use for baseball stuff — that would allow me to be more social about baseball things on Twitter and stuff too. But, that’s how you all know me, so…Anyway, no one will confuse it with something else.

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      2. Mine is the most self explanatory name in the world. Outside of Gator and Delaware, of course. If you can’t figure it out, I feel bad for you. 😉

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      3. Mine is great on multiple levels.
        First it helps weed out the riffraff as a lot of people who opposed my opinions would be unable to debate me proper and resort to telling me I can’t spell.

        It was intentionally misspelled as a reference to this:

        It was also based off an article I once read around Matt’s second year or so calling him a bust and citing some unnamed scout. While Matt hasn’t turned out to be what he was hyped up to be (League MVP 5 years running), he’s still a well above average catcher.

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        1. There isn’t any Frenchy hate! I have fond memories of his adorableness in a Braves uniform. It’s just that he never quite lived up to his hype.


      4. Historio is gonna hate mine.

        I first tried fantasy football in 2003. My first team had some lame name, no idea what it was. My team got spanked the first couple of weeks. I was looking at my team with a more experienced friend and asked him what i should do, he said “I don’t know man, they look good on paper.” And that was that…the team became the Paper Lions. Then when I needed a screen name the next year I used Paper Lions and just started using it everywhere for simplicity.

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  1. I’ll explain what my username means, and I’ll use small words so you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog-faced buffoon.

    I once tried to pitch left-handed in a beer-league softball game some years ago. I was so incredibly ‘successful’ that I was given the name Lefty. Good times. And I still get way too much mileage out of saying “I am not left-handed” at opportune moments.

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