Esurance, MLB partner for new awards

Featured imageAs if there aren’t enough awards handed out every season, insurance giant (giant?) is partnering up with MLB to find every gap in the awards system and fill it with more awards!  Oh yippie.  There’s online voting.  Because that’s worked out so well in the past.  24 different prizes will be handed out, including and I’m quoting here “Best Major Leaguer, fan catch, and social media post.”

“The Esurance MLB Awards is a true collaboration between MLB and Esurance to bring fans an all-digital awards experience with a new website to serve as a content hub, discussion forum, and voting platform for fans to engage with each other and be a part of the awards season like never before,” Esurance Chief Marketing Officer Alan Gellman said.

Five different groups of voters — fans, media, front- office personnel, former players and Society for American Baseball Research members — will each account for 20 percent of the voting. The new awards platform will supplement other pre- existing MLB awards, such as each league’s Most Valuable Player and the Cy Young Award.

These awards join the MVP, Cy Young, All-Stars, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Executive of the Year. World Series MVP, ALCS and NLCS MVP, Relief Man of the Year, Hank Aaron Award, Gold Glove, Platinum Glove, Silver Slugger, Wilson Defensive Players of the Year, the GIBBY Awards, Players Choice Awards, Clemente Awards, Comeback Players of the Year, and last but certainly not least the Outstanding DH of the year.

And yet, somehow I’m certain I’m missing some awards.  Remember in little league when every kid got a participation trophy?  Don’t know why I just thought of that.

13 thoughts on “Esurance, MLB partner for new awards

  1. You can vote here:

    Categories are:
    Best Major Leaguer
    Best Everyday Player
    Best Starting Pitcher
    Best Rookie

    Coming Soon
    Best Defensive Player
    Best Breakout Player
    Best Bounceback Player
    Best Manager
    Best Executive
    Best Social Media Personality
    Best Play, Offense
    Best Play, Defense
    Best Moment
    Best Performance
    Best Social Media Post
    Best Celebrity Fan
    Best Fan Catch
    Best MLB Interview
    Best Call, TV
    Best Call, Radio
    Best Player-Fan Interaction
    Best Video Board Moment
    Best Trending Topic
    Best Major Leaguer, Postseason


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