In Case You Missed It – 9/14/2015

6 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – 9/14/2015

  1. Slade Heathcott hit a 3 run shot off the Jinx to give the Yanks a 4-1 win, after getting no hit for 7 2/3 innings.

    Is “Backup MLB Player” really good enough when you have been bestowed with a name like Slade Heathcott? There’s a reason that “Bond, James Bond” is 007. He just can’t be “Bond, James Bond, employee ID #47253B” . If I had a name like Slade Heathcott, I’d be jumping out of helicopters, harpooning Japanese whalers, while reciting a cool catchphrase while dramatically putting on sunglasses.

    “You just got Slayed”.

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    1. Btw have you heard the conspiracy theory that James Bond isn’t a person, it’s the code-name given to the best agent in MI-6. It would explain how Bond keeps getting younger as the series goes on, and would of course make it easier to get Idris Elba to play him when Craig’s contract runs out.

      Also wtf were the Rays thinking on the Gardner steal? Defensive Indifference when he represented the tieing run?


      1. That’s not a theory, that’s how the character was created and envisioned. Ian Fleming was clear that Bond was a pastiche of various personalities he met when he worked for MI6, and not based on any single individual. Its one reason I wasn’t a big fan of the latest, it put a backstory to a character who isn’t supposed to have one. 007 has always been disposable, its an identity handed to a top agent, either for a specific job or until they die, which is frequent.

        In general I think its sad that Craig has been given such bad scripts after Casino Royale, which in my opinion was the best done Bond movie. They have the first guy since Lazenby who understood the character and now they can’t find a decent script for him.


  2. Well, I see the Feesh descended to their level and let the Gnats keep clear of the official mediocrity mark of .500.

    For another night or two, anyway.


  3. Tigers elimination number is now one. (Miss jwbiii’s elimination updates) I hope Lobstein learned an important lesson last night on why the pitcher covers 1b. Anyway, he came out in the second and it was still downhill from there. Our new starting second stringers need the experience and seasoning, but it’s like watching spring training games. In September.



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