Stupid Press Conference Questions

The Tigers’ eliminaFeatured imagetion number is 3 and there is less than a month left of the regular season, so what will reporters focus on in their daily press conferences for the remainder? Well, it isn’t Miggy’s chase of an impressive 4th batting title. Nor is it injury updates on Sanchez or Norris. It isn’t even — as you might think — how that looming elimination number might affect the players’ mentality or spirit. The far more burning issue to the press is how these professional players might be rattled by reports that their manager is on his way out.

Not only did reporters ask the players at the presser Friday if it affected them (!), but they even queried Brad about it. Yes, a professional journalist actually asked a manager how he divined his job status impacted the big league athletes on his team. When you ask a question like that, what can you imagine the answer will be?

“I think Miggy is really stressed I might be fired because his hits seem to be pulling more to third”?

“Well, some of them are really broken up about it, but Kinsler’s such a hard ass, he threatened to drill the first crybaby with red eyes who showed his face in the clubhouse”?

Seriously, what is your rational expectation for a response there?

I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t want to go full snark at that question, but our boy Brad has looks and self-control. He may not know much about managing a bullpen, but he sure knows how to answer that bullshit question:

“These guys will continue to play the right way.”

That’s a handsome answer there, Brad. Mighty handsome.


13 thoughts on “Stupid Press Conference Questions

  1. Seriously, though, the problem with the traditional press corps is that they are trained to never overstep the lines. When I was in journalism school, our supervising faculty editor (i.e. the lead professor in the journalism department) was this old, crusty dude who was angry at everyone in the class for being young and excited to do something fresh. We all had ideas, and they were all shot down. I can only imagine if I had been able to finish college, all of the fresh ideas that I have today would have been choked to death in order to fit the mold of the more polished, more ‘professional’ journalist.

    I have a feeling that these other guys asking Ausmus the questions probably had the same sort of old geezer mentor that we had in our classes. Just the facts, only the facts, and go with the ‘sexy’ story. Which, sadly, is the fact that Brad is getting canned. There is no imagination, which is why thinking people increasingly get their news via blog. Like this one, for example. 😛


      • Yeah, that’s a classic.

        My favorite reply to a dumb question, though, will always be Peyton Manning talking about ‘our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.’ RIP Mike Vanderjagt’s actual name, for he immediately became “Idiot Kicker” from then on.


  2. Just based on the post title, prior to reading the post, my initial thought was, “Well, if you are asking a stupid person questions, isn’t it appropriate if the questions are also stupid?”


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