The Midnight Snack – Thursday

I troll Twitter so you don’t have to.

Ruin Tomorrow Today:  Phillies Twitter was a fun read today. No one is happier today than the folks over at @FireRubenNow, a Twitter account calling for the dismissal of national laughingstock Ruben Amaro Jr. Sadly, the best tweets all have embedded gifs in them, but trust me, it was a day long celebration.

That’s Not Lake Lanier, it’s The Ted:  It’s finally happened. The tears of an entire fandom has flooded out Turner Field…oh, wait. Sorry, it’s just a huge storm that delayed the Braves and Mets game.

lake ted 1

Not that it mattered. The Mets won, handing the Braves an engraved invitation to the Losers’ Club, where they’ll keep the seats warm for the Nationals come October.

Batman Returns: AJ Burnett returned to Pittsburgh today and they pulled out all the stops:

pitts bats

No, that’s not Photoshopped. They actually put out the Bat Signal for him. In a way, this makes me want to see the Pirates play the Mets. Burnett vs. Harvey. Which Dark Knight wins?

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

      1. Step #1 – Don’t use bing. I honestly didn’t know that anyone actually did that.
        Step #2 – You need the specific url of a single image, not the url of the full page of search results.


      2. Meh, Bing has like 30% of the search market these days and it totally depends on the type of search as to which works better. I do a LOT of searching in my job, my default is Bing, but for certain types of highly technical searches I find Google is better.

        There really isn’t the wide gulf between them that there was five years ago.


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