BREAKING NEWS – Baseball’s Handsomest Manager on the Outs?

photo credit: Joe Nicholson, USA Today
photo credit: Joe Nicholson, USA Today

Historio might want to sit down for this one.

Sources in the Tigers’ front office say that Brad Ausmus, arguably baseball’s dreamiest manager, will be fired at the end of the 2015 season. Ausmus has been the Tigers’ manager since 2013, during which time the Tigers have gone from powerhouse to doghouse.

According to Detroit Local 4 reporter Bernie Smilovitz, sources believe that new Tigers general manager Al Avila wants to start fresh with his own man going forward. Apparently, the front office have lost confidence in Ausmus to bring a championship to Detroit.

More details as they come across the wire.

14 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Baseball’s Handsomest Manager on the Outs?

    1. I wonder if they’ll go in the complete opposite direction for their next manager, hiring the oldest, most grizzled codger available? Will they dig up Casey Stengel from the dead? Who knows?


    2. You got that right. I think he’s smart, he just wasn’t ready to be top man yet. He should be second fiddle somewhere for a few years and then move up. That said, HELL NO!!!!! on Gene Lamont as manager.

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  1. Sadly I don’t think they’ll do what they should do and hire a lever puller and send his instructions from a nerd in the back room hitting F5 on BBRef. 😉


  2. I drank a lot and didn’t watch tv, so this is literally breaking news to me…this blog is already cutting edge stuff I tells ya! Keep up the good work.

    ps. I don’t work nights and weekends.


    1. Well, he is an Oklahoma boy….urp.

      You know, if it’s all over the news like this, they might as well can Brad now. Otherwise, it’ll just be a press question at every game for the rest of the month. I know it doesn’t hurt to let him manage us to elimination, but, it’s gotta be hard for him to give a crap or learn much — or hold the team together at all.

      Adios, Senor Brad.


  3. The irony is that some time back, there was an interview with Brad somewhere I saw that asked him about managing and he said it wasn’t that hard — the toughest thing was the press. Maybe it should’ve seemed harder to him…


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