Votto has major league meltdown

I don’t know a whole lot about Votto, but I have always gotten the impression he was a pretty mild mannered kind of guy.  Last night he had a major league meltdown of epic proportions.  It’s quite the site to see.

For his part, Votto seems to want to put the tirade behind him, but MLB may have something to say about that.

Votto turned 32 on Thursday and was in the starting lineup against St. Louis, a day after his volatile argument with umpire Bill Welke during Cincinnati’s 5-4 loss to Pittsburgh.

“I’m not going to talk about the exchange last night,” he said.

The first baseman said he hadn’t been contacted by Major League Baseball about a possible penalty. Any decision would likely come Friday.

“No, I haven’t heard anything from the league, and yes, I am in today’s starting lineup,” Votto said.

18 thoughts on “Votto has major league meltdown

    1. Supposedly you should be able to click the “embed” button and just copy/paste the html code. But you get that above non-sense. I’ll keep looking into it


      1. Yea, that’s what I did, and all I get is the square box that when you click opens MLB direct. Very odd. I thought it might be me since I had to disable adblock to even get the embed button to show up. Then you get that very strange embed code. Tried 3 browsers same result. It’s also possible the theme is doing something as I’ve noticed some themes do weird things with Twitter embeds.


    1. Seems to me time is ALWAYS granted, even in the pitcher has already begun his windup. After watching the video a few times I think that ump had an axe to grind and was looking for a reason to run Votto for something earlier. I also saw that the ump was complaining in the press that Votto spit on him when he was yelling, acting like it was Roberto Aomar all over again.


  1. I get the impression Votto does have a temper but he’s also quiet toward the media, which can make him come off as “mild mannered” to some extent. I don’t believe it though, he’s had a couple tirades that show he’s a man with some level of volatility like most other ballplayers. I like it. It shows some chutzpah!


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