How did the top 10 draft picks do this year?

Featured imageSB Nation has a great article up discussing the top 10 draft picks and how they performed this season.

So far, it appears the Red Sox may have the best pick in the draft.

Andrew Benintendi – 7th overall, Boston Red Sox

With the 7th pick, the Red Sox took Andrew Benintendi from the University of Arkansas. He won a plethora of awards, as he was named by Baseball America and the SEC as player of the year, while also taking home the Golden Spikes Award.

Since joining the Red Sox, Benintendi has performed remarkably well between Low and High-A. In 239 plate appearances, he hit .313/.416/.556, and posted an ISO of .242, a wOBA of .441, and a wRC+ of 177. Benintendi, like Swanson, could be in the majors relatively quickly if he continues to hit at a high level.

Most of the top 10 picks have performed well this year.  Of course, these are primarily in various single A leagues, and the top 10 players SHOULD be performing well.  There is still a long way off from MLB debuts, and anything can happen, but if you are a fan of any of these teams, there is some promise on the horizon.

One thought on “How did the top 10 draft picks do this year?

  1. This will (hopefully) be the last time the Cubs have a top-10 pick for many years, and considering their track record of top-10 picks – Almora, Bryant, and Schwarber – I’ve got every reason to believe Ian Happ is going to be a quality ballplayer as well. He may take a bit of a slower path to get to the bigs, more of an Almora timeline than a Bryant/Schwarber timeline, but I’m good with that.


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