Free Game of the Day — Rockies v. Padres 12:40pm (PT)

Hey, party people.

Here’sFeatured image the post for the Game of the Day conversation.  I’ve put the link in below, so you can watch it and comment accordingly.  You do not need an MLB.TV subscription to watch this one.  It’s free to the public, streaming online.

It’s Rockies v. Padres, so I’m expecting crickets…

23 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Rockies v. Padres 12:40pm (PT)

  1. Heh. I was just about to post this myself.

    And yeah, crickets is most likely….but I’ll be around sporadically for the Cubs/Phillies game tonight (assuming it happens, it’s apparently been raining cougars and coyotes in Philly pretty much all day).


  2. No need to watch the game for me to talk ROX. They are both awesome and terrible at the same time, which to me, makes them very interesting to watch. A lineup of mashers and a staff of meatballers. Specifically, CarGo and Arenado run that town now (and Peyton Manning). In fact, check this blurb from my fantasy page on Arenado:

    A day after exiting with a chest contusion he suffered while diving into the stands for a foul ball, Arenado reentered the lineup to supply the whole of the Colorado offense. The homer was his 37th of the year, which allowed him to surpass teammate Carlos Gonzalez for the NL lead.

    So yeah, the two biggest NL boppers are teammates. Tulo who? Tulo what? Arenado also has gold glove D at third. Arenado should at least be in the MVP discussion, even if that is to simply say, “yeah he’s awesome, but Bryce is Bryce”. If you haven’t watched these guys bat since the All Star break, you are missing some great plate appearances.

    Here’s my question: why do you think teams did not bite on CarGo at the trade deadline? Money + injury history is my best guess alongside his lower early 2015 production. But boy howdy, even as the trade deadline approached CarGo turned it up AND stayed healthy, so I was fairly shocked to see him stay in Colorado. What say you, former HBT’ers?


    1. I suspect the Rockies didn’t want to trade him.

      There’s probably something to his market/price being a bit depressed considering the slow-ish start he had to the season, but I think this bigger issue is that they just didn’t want to deal with the public relations fallout that would have come with shipping off both of the guys that have been the faces of the franchise for the past near-decade in a span of a week or so.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dealt this offseason, but I also don’t necessarily expect it to happen either.


  3. Ya know what would be awesome? If we could embed video from in our posts and comments.

    Certainly the technology exists, I’ve seen it on many other blog-type places. Or maybe it’s already enabled here and I just don’t know how to do it.


    1. beltre hit a lineout that the right fielder had to chase down on the warning track. felix looked worried, but when smith ran it down hey motioned to the ranger dugout as to guide beltre back. And they barked at each other again.

      (they are good friends and do this every mariner/ranger game)


    1. I’m a fan of this standard.

      It used to be the simplistic “throw beats runner therefore runner is out”. I prefer the emphasis on the runner keeping some contact with the base at all times and the defender keeping that tag on until the umpire calls time.

      Besides….how awesome was this?


      1. the thing about the andrus play was while his had did come off the base, I don’t think cano had contact with the body at the same time..

        If he had been called safe on the field he would have been safe.


      2. Ah. Didn’t actually see the play. Maybe they’ll post a clip of it later.

        I’ve been mostly happy with replay as a whole this year….but I do hope that in the future they find a way to improve on that Call Stands result. Whether it’s more cameras to get more angles so that they can either absolutely confirm the original call or absolutely overrule it, or some other solution……just having less of the “the cameras didn’t really help anything this time” result would be nice.


    2. I’m completely okay with the new standard that calls runners out if they take their foot off the bag for even a millisecond and it’s clearly seen on replay. Yes, it does change the way the game is played, but it will ultimately be for the better. Runners are now getting more creative with slides, dodges and methods for maintaining contact with the bag. Replay is simply keeping runners 100% honest, which is okay and will be something everyone will be used to in due time. Not to mention, it means the game as a whole is more honest as well in terms of getting the call exactly right much more often.


      1. i agree that outs should be called when the runner loses contact with the base, and you see some teams better at keeping the tag on the runner and not showing it to the umpire.

        in this case I was 50% plus 1 convinced that andrus was safe, but that isn’t enough.


  4. walked him in the third ab. beltre stood at home plate and did not move for a beat or two, but hernandez didn’t engage.

    after the inning was over, felix came over to forst and they talked, then he tried to tap adrian on the helmet. beltre shot daggers from his eyes.


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