Live Game Blog – 09/09/15 – Giants @ Diamondbacks

Chase-Field-AerialEach day, broadcasts one game on the schedule for free.  If you follow the link below and scroll down a bit, you’ll find it fairly easily.

The idea is that everyone who happens to be around can turn on the same ball game and shoot the breeze about whatever happens to be going on in said game.   Almost like you were watching the game with a bunch of buddies.

Of course, discussion isn’t necessarily limited to just this one game.  There’s other games on too, if you want to discuss those, go right ahead.

10 thoughts on “Live Game Blog – 09/09/15 – Giants @ Diamondbacks

  1. Phuk you Stephen Drew! And special shout-out to the 5 year old kids making up the Nationals and Orioles. Because of your bitching, and Time Warner Cable’s generally shittiness, I can never watch a Yanks/O’s game, or see the Nationals live because i live in North Carolina…


    1. Yeah, I’ve got nothing but contempt for the mlb’s blackout horseshit. Which is why I don’t ever feel the least bit bad about watching “bootleg” streams of games instead of paying for Sometimes the video quality is less-than-optimal, but you can’t beat the price.


      1. In this case it actually isn’t MLB’s fault, it’s MASN/TWC. It’s the same shit that TWC is pulling with the Dodgers in LA, and probably every cable company out there with a RSN. Basically the RSN wants the channel on the basic lineup, so everyone essentially pays for it. The cable company wants it on a tier program so those who want it, pay for it. They fight, and fight, and fight, and months/years go by while we’re left holding our proverbial…remotes…in our hands.


      2. I have the same problem. Comcast Chicago gets blacked out for me for pretty much everything except the occasional White Sox game and all Blackhawks broadcasts. I never get to see home broadcasts of Cubs games. Same with Twins games – every once in a blue moon I’ll get to watch one, but it’s few and far between, because my satellite provider blacks out FSN North. The only thing I get to see are Brewers games or whatever the national game is, unless I get free Extra Innings weekend or something like that.


    1. Scout, I was driving home from work, turned it on MLB Radio in the car, and saw that the O’s won! My immediate thought was “Oh man, I bet Scout’s over the moon about this!”


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