Call to arms! Err. Pen. Err, keyboard?

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So now that it looks like a lot of you have decided to hang around here for now, I’ve come to a few conclusions. First, I must be totally nuts.  What in the world did I get myself into?  Second, I think most people seem pretty happy here, terrible theme not withstanding (Withstanding?  Not Withstanding?  Whatever!)  So, I am temporarily scrapping my plans to move us to a new site.  The more comfortable I get with WordPress, the more I think we can make this work for now, and if we continue to grow, then we’ll look into investing in a registered domain, professional hosting, full featured forums, etc.  For now, let’s just see how this all plays out. Maybe everyone will get bored in a week and move on to another site.  Maybe HBT will actually get sort of fixed and everyone will decide to hang around there again.  Maybe this place might just take off and we all sell out, buy private jets, and invest out life savings with Bernie Madoff.

The immediate problem as I see it, is that I just really am not a writer.  (As has been painfully clear by now I’m sure.)  I don’t have too much free time, and when I do, I prefer to spend it working on the technical aspects of the site.  I’m a computer guy, not a lawyer, not a writer, not a visionary genius.  (I can’t even spell genius without spell checker.)  Sure I’ll post stuff and try to get conversations going, but really this is a site for you, so let’s make it by you.  I think I read that on a T-Shirt somewhere.  So what to do what to do?  I created a email account to use primarily for you to be able to communicate directly with me, discretely if necessary.  This email is also a good place to email me with any thoughts, questions, bathing-suit pictures (NOT YOU GATOR!), whatever.

So, without further adieu, if you have any interest in posting on this blog for all of your fellow readers to poke fun at…I mean to comment on, please email me at: scoutsaysweitersisabust (@)

I need the following information:  Your username, your email address, about how often you expect to be posting, the general topics you think you may be posting.

Keep in mind you are free to post whatever you want as long as it’s not hateful.  That mean, no racism, bigotry, etc.  Basically Curt Shilling isn’t allowed.  Neither is John Rocker.  Topics should probably focus on baseball, but really don’t need to.  If there’s a great book or movie you want to go on about, what the hell.  We are all here for fun right?  If Old Gator wants to go on for 500 words I probably need a dictionary to comprehend, about some book no one’s ever read, be my guest.  If you come across a super sweet article on another website.  Go for it.  Just try to give proper credit and link to the original site.  It’s only fair, we aren’t thieves here.  I want us to be focused on the conversation, not the stealing of material.

I’m going to try to keep up with the biggest news of the day/week/whatever, but if you are looking for a place for late, breaking stuff, well this isn’t the place.  But if Alex Rodriguez runs over his gardener with a golf cart and you want to talk about it.  Welcome home.

One more thing.  Since this isn’t a paying gig, what’s in it for you to signup, donate your time and effort into writing for us?  Other than contributing to the conversation, anyone who’s writing articles gets a direct say in what we do here.  I’ll moderate and cast any final decisions, but if all the writers want to change the logo or theme, well that’s what we’re gonna do.  We’ll get input from the commentators, but I am in no way gonna make all the decisions around here.  I want you to.  Think of it like getting stock options.  You want the site to grow and do well?  Get involved.  If the site falls into the great abyss, well then you only have yourselves to blame.  But that’s not gonna happen is it?

45 thoughts on “Call to arms! Err. Pen. Err, keyboard?

  1. Putting this here so it doesn’t get lost in the clutter – I know you’re shuffling through through themes, but can you try to keep the number of comments visible? As I check back in, it’s useful for knowing which threads to re-read. Thanks again for hosting this!


      1. Different themes have different locations, but I would think it’s a standard feature, and I agree, one that’s completely necessary. If I land on a theme that does not have this, please let me know and I’ll try again. So far my game plan is to try a day or so on each theme and see which sticks.


      2. I like the general layout of the main page on this theme. One “main”/most recent article at the top, and the rest in a psuedo-thumbnailed layout below it.

        If you can find something like this, but with the # of comments visible on that main page as well….instead of having to open the article and scroll down to the comment section to see the number…..I’d say that would go a long way towards being a winner.


      3. This is a much lesser concern for us than NBC, but this format is pretty tough to read on mobile devices. Maybe if we need a tiebreaking factor somewhere this would be it.


  2. I had an idea for #content that pretty much anybody could run with, using this link…..

    Every day, broadcasts a free “Game Of The Day”. For example, today’s is the Giants/Dbacks game. You don’t need to have any sort of subscription or account with or….just click on it and you get a ballgame.

    Overall, I find it to be a good way to get a taste of other teams and broadcasting crews (which generally makes me appreciate Len Kasper’s work all the more).

    It might work as a “live discussion” type of blogpost too. A few/handful/bunch of people could all be plugged into the same feed and use this space to chat about the events of the game.


        1. Seems easy to do. You’d just have to put up a post each day with the teams playing that day and game time and then let the comments do the work.


      1. I’m sure some games will be more interesting, and therefore have more active commentary than others. I mean, tomorrow’s free game is the Rockies and Padres….and who the hell cares about either of those teams?


        1. I will. I am definitely up for the daily game post and one more substantive post each month.

          Maybe you can recruit 7 people to each take 1 day a week to post the scores from the day before in the am — with whatever flourish (or not) that they have the time and inclination to make of it.


      1. That stupid blue circle thing is related to the thumbs system. Apparently when you hover over a thumb text appears to tell you you are voting up or down because we are all morons who don’t know what a thumbs up means. I was able to get rid of the text, but not the stupid circle, which I suspect would require me to have FTP access to modify the html code, which I don’t have. The only other way to get rid of it is the dump the thumbs all together, which is actually an idea I’ve been bouncing around my head anyways. I mean do we really need the thumbs? Sometimes they are nice to use to shot down dumb ideas, but they are probably more likely used to troll.


      2. Scouts, as far s I’m concerned, go ahead and do away with the thumbs. I think everybody on here is quite capable of showing their pleasure/displeasure directly to the commenter. If someone needs to hide in anonymity….. well they probably wouldn’t be here long anyhow. Although the “like this comment” button is kinda neat.


  3. It was a mistake to post this site’s address in the HBT comments – for now I have come to TROLL!

    Just kidding, of course. It’s cool that you created an alternative to the disaster over at HBT, as I don’t really post very often but enjoy lurking and reading the comments from the regulars who ended up migrating over here. I will follow this site and continue to follow HBT for now (it DOES seem to at least be improving a little).


      1. I didnt realize you guys were serious, but then about 3 days into the new HBT re-design, I stopped seeing the usual faces but I was still hesitant to stop by(bye?). I’ve been part of another online community that did something very similar (online gaming oriented, don’t judge) that splintered off, and it basically destroyed the original site because about 99% of us that left were paying members to keep it online.

        I don’t want to leave HBT, but holy shit has Craig been an asshole about this. So many of the errors on that site were day 1 QA/test environment stuff, that if I were a manager at NBC I’d have fired a few people after what we posted (formatting issues, reply > html errors, etc).

        Any who enough negativity. Good to see y’all around. And fucking Christ Drew, how do you not catch that ball!


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