Yes, this is a temporary place for some of us to gather while we decide if we are all actually leaving HBT, or if they come to their senses and put out the flaming fucking dumpster fire that has spawned out of a site redesign.

Still with that said, when I created the blog, I did so as quickly as possible as I just wanted to get the fuck out of the comment section at HBT. I picked the first template it gave me and cranked out a post as quickly as possible to get the word out. Now that I’ve had a little time and the dust has settled, I’ve started playing around in the admin panel. Most of the themes stink. But they are designed for a blog, with commentary secondary. I came across a few themes I kind of like and started with the one we are currently using. It’s fairly minimalistic and offers a decent reading experience of the comments in a threaded environment. It’s not perfect (Comments take up way, way, way too much space), but it’s a lot better than we had and it’s probably passable for the time being. I will keep experimenting, and am open to suggestions and advice, especially from anyone who’s worked with WordPress before. And I am always open to reverting to the previous theme.

Thanks all.

Edit: Still working on finding a good theme.  You can help!  Below is a link to the database.

Edit 2: Posted the wrong link.  Apparently is different from

Keep the conversation going!  The entire principal we are going to be founded upon is crowd-sourcing.  A site by the people for the people as it were.  We may never make a unanimous decision, but I believe we can come to a consensus.  As always, thank you for all your help.

52 thoughts on “Themed

  1. Something with a touch more color might be nice, but I don’t know what the various WordPress themes look like, but this reminds me too much of the minimalist, sterile-looking mess that HBT turned into. One suggestion though, maybe change the article text to something slightly bigger with a serif rather than sans serif font, for those of us who are older.

    I don’t suppose, with all the editing functionality you are discovering in the WP admin interface, that you have managed to come across an edit function yet, have you? Didn’t think so…


    1. I have a few other options. I can also try changing the background color. I’ll keep playing. Keep commenting. Sooner or later we will get it right. Then I’ll move us all to our permanent home. I can change the font, but not the font size. That’s a paid feature. We’ll give serif a shot and see how it goes.


      1. Ok, changed the font. Let me know what you all think. Increased the size slightly, didn’t know I could do that. Also put a grey background. It’s better than white I suppose. Should be a bit easier on the eyes. Again, let me know. We’ll keep fiddling till we get it right.


  2. Not going to lie, every time I see this headline I think it’s saying “The Med” and I get confused as to what the hell scouts dug up this time. 😛


    1. Connery: Ah, I’ll take Swords for $400.

      Trebek: It’s, actually, not Swords, sir. These are words that begin with “S”. The answer is: Popeye is this sort of man.


      1. I understand. My blog is on wordpress too and it’s probably not the greatest layout either. BTW, it may be too long for a blog post, but I do have an anti-DH screed handy, if you need a post for us to argue about. lol


        1. Fantastic, I’m working on getting a email account for this blog setup. Once that happens, I have have a few of you email me your info so I can set you up as writers and you can start writing your own articles. Once we have a permanent home, we’ll have even more functionality.


        2. Wait, I was drunk there. It’s a pro-DH screed. I am solidly pro-DH. Did I mention being in favor of the DH? Sheesh.



    Here is a link to available themes by the way. If anyone wants to help pick one out. My main concern is how it looks in the comments section. I’d like to get more comments on one page with less scrolling, but not at a stupid small font size. I know that’s a big of a tall order. Most blogs focus on the articles and less on the comments, which is why I’d like to move to a forum site as a more permanent home. (Plus on a forums, everyone can start a topic instead of just me or approved writers.)


  4. My biggest complaint with the current theme is so much damn wasted space. Why are comments only taking up 50% of the screen and all this dead space on the left and right? This isn’t fucking Facebook. Not everyone has to copy them. Need to find a theme that actually uses all the screen space,and we’ll get a tone more comments per screen.


  5. I like this theme a little better. Still not a big fan of the background, and it won’t let me change the color, but it’s an improvement. Not sure if the font is too small or not. Please let me know. I want to fit as much on one page as possible, but obviously if no one can read it, it’s a waste of time. Apparently there’s no theme that will allow comments to use the entire page width, so we’ll have to just suck that up until we get to our permanent home.


    1. I’m partial to the Kasa Green, Leeway, or Brilliance themes. Do any of those appeal? I think with a black and white baseball photo, those would look good.


      1. Also, IDK if they would let us get away with branding ourselves “FKA HBT” but that’s how I will privately refer to it.


  6. Scouts –

    I suggest if you are serious about this you pick a few people who can help you put together a proper site, come up with a plan, and execute it. I’m willing to assist, depending on who the team involves, I have some experience with this. I have my own suggestions on how it should work, but honestly you will need to make hard decisions about what you will and won’t do, and who should be on the core team and who should not.

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      1. Don’t form a committee. They’re worthless. You need a task force, or a panel, or perhaps a council, but not, not a committee.


  7. Just went to HBT for the first time today, and there have been some…changes. Some I like, some I hate. They seemed to destroy my adblocking scheme, but for the most part the site is indeed improved. And Craig seems to have gotten off his fucking hoity-toty attitude and is actually having a open dialogue about the changes and what’s to come. Maybe, hopefully, they will fix up the place enough for us to return and make all of this unnecessary. Or maybe we go ahead with plans to start up our own site. Either way, I think it’s worth waiting a few more days, and I want to get some input from everyone on it. I’ll probably start a fresh blog post to discuss it tomorrow. For now, I plan on opening a bottle of wine and enjoying some of my vacation, so don’t expect too many changes to the blog here for the rest of the day.


      1. Yeah, alternatives are good.

        The commenting section is fundamentally flawed and I’m far from optimistic that enough changes will be made to fix that. The commenting here is much more in line with being able to actually carry on a conversation, which is the whole point.


  8. Scout – everything around here is looking pretty good. I really appreciate your dedication to trying to make a cohesive site that works for all of us. I mean, of course, we’ll never fully agree on a layout, but all of us can make little concessions. The fact that it’s already much more user friendly (and user involved!) is awesome.

    I really want to do all I can to help you in this endeavor – it’s really exciting to make a place that we can have thoughtful conversations as well as just completely be off topic as heck if we want to. A real community of peers and friends. Right now I work about 70 hours a week every week, and have been for about a year and a half now. This is why I rarely get to comment at HBT anymore – I literally work all day until about 11:00 pm or later. However, I would be happy to assist in any way possible, as well as submit blog posts/articles if needed. That’s something I can easily do when I get home from work, as I generally write for a little bit every night anyway.

    Anyway, again, please let me know if I can help. I like our little weirdo family. 🙂


  9. Hey Scout, how about fansided?

    Someone said to make a blog “for us by us” earlier, and after thinking we should start a clothing company by that name, I thought “”. I first learned of it a few years back after Craig went after some 17 year old writing about Josh Lueke. It’s fans who do the writing there.

    You took the initiative to start this, so I don’t want to step on any toes and sign up, and try to get them to start a new blog. I see that about 20 HBT commenters have already made their way over here, (and more would if they knew about it) so I know there is interest. Fansided uses disqus commenting (which is way, way better than wordpress in my opinion). It would sure beat trying to create a new forum.

    I’d like to think an email consisting of roughly the following might get them to contemplate opening a new site. They already have 300+, so what’s 1 more: “Hey, HBT sucks now, I’ve already have 20 loyal readers after 2 days, and can guarantee 4,5,6 writers (Historio and Gadfly already have plenty of well written writing examples) to contribute X # of posts per week. These 20 people contributed 2000 clicks per week to HBT, and are disgusted. (estimated total, it was open tab on my comp, refreshed every 15 mins. I alone gave 300-400 clicks per week) Judging by the comments on HBT and twitter, another 100 people agree. I think we can have 100 readers by the end of the week.”

    It might be worth a shot. Craig can change everything back tomorrow, but I fear he has lost me for good. He was too casual in dismissing and mocking long-time reader’s legitimate gripes with his site. Once, while arguing politics, my brother said to the person we were arguing with, “You strike me as someone who has never heard the opposition’s point of view”, inferring that the person was so staunch in his beliefs, he never bothered to look in to the legitimacy of those opposing his view. Craig is that someone. He dismisses criticism, and hides on twitter while his site burns to the ground. The whole “I can do without commenters” diatribe he went on, sent me looking for somewhere else. When I saw Old Gator, Indaberg, Historio, Reflex, and all the others congregating here, it was like a wolf rejoining the pack. This is no longer about a website redesign, it is about…….A Revolution!!!!!

    Si Se Puede! No Justice, No Peace! Not the church, not the state! Women must decide their fate!

    Long live a usable HBT comment section!


    1. I’m totally with you, hitt. His treatment of us (even tho I haven’t been there that long) was completely uncalled for. Right now, I won’t go back there at all. They have made that site about as friendly to the people as the Korean DMZ . I’m not sure what I can contribute here, as my computer skills lag far behind many of the others here, but I’ll certainly support the uprising any way I can.
      Viva La Revolucion! Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. FREEDOM!


    1. No, It’s strictly a ping pong exhibition forum. No tournament results. Just exhibition matches.

      I was thinking about you yesterday. In my mind, I was trying to name 20 commenters. All the old school comenters kept coming to mind. Cepts, Utley’s hair, and you. Dropped the “Heyward” part of your name huh?

      To all the really old school folk, should Purdueman be accepted? Cepts is already a yes for me. We need a racist asshat around here, But Purdueman, well, he pushed that envelope a little too far.


      1. I frankly can’t remember what purdueman did or didn’t do. I’m all for asshats, since they make asses look more stylish.

        I dropped “Heyward” long ago when he underachieved one year along with the Braves’ playoffs hopes. Now he’s a Redbird, so he’s dead to me. Except I still like him, so I guess I’m into that sort of thing.

        Anyway, yeah, I’ve been around and don’t plan on going anywhere. So long as there is baseball, I’ll be ready to discuss it.


      2. Purdueman was a one day, one hour only thing, so bad, that I remember him like 5 years later. I remember the name, but I don’t even remember the conversation. I think it had something to do with Josh Hamilton and the dead dad if I remember right.


      3. I really don’t want to get into the business of filtering out who we don’t like, other than dirtyharry-style obvious trolls. I mean, even somebody like spuds, who aggravates me to no end, would be welcome. But the ban policy is something Craig got right, and I really don’t want ‘cepts here any more than I wanted him at HBT.


      4. The rules are pretty simple, and pretty obvious. No racist, biggotry, anti-semetic, anti-lgbt, etc. Basically no hate. Other than that, everyone is welcome here. I figure we will shout down any tolls, and unless they become a major problem they won’t get banned. Also no spam, because who wants that. Oh, and no Yankee, Blue Jay, Devil Ray, or Red Sox fans. Okay, okay, they can stay. But only so I can rub it in their face when they lose!


      5. Was that guy the one who said Hambone should o.d. on blow snorted off s hooker for “killing” that guy? Or am I thining of another piece of toxic waste?


  10. New theme, new colors, new font. I gotta be honest, I’m really happy with what we have at the moment. I did find another one I liked, but this one is pretty nifty I think. Gotta find a better header image though, this one’s too big. The theme recommends something at 1020 × 154 if anyone has any good suggestions.


      1. In all seriousness, though, I do think we need a theme that has the number of comments both on the main page and on the individual post.


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