Flurry of Twitter comments

There has been a lot of chatter going on at Twitter (It’s my guess that Craig can’t navigate the comment section of his own site either.) so I decided I’d link a few comments here for clarification and posterity’s sake.  It seems that he started off very snarky with a giant attitude, then has slowly come to the conclusion that just maybe the new design needs some work. Click the links in the date to follow the conversation.

At this point, I did have a little rant/interaction with Craig on Twitter, only fair I post that aswell.  I think it’s a decent summary of our complaints, since he seemed to say that “this site sucks” isn’t helpful and that’s all he was getting. Yes Twitter sucks. Read from the bottom up.


At this point, it’s very clear we won’t be getting the old site back. I doubt we will see anything like it. Personally, I could live with the infinite scroll and the stupid bar on the left and top, if we just got the ability to click into one individual article and see 50-75 comments at a time, with the ability to reply to one another. But for that concession they would have to eliminate a large amount of the gigantic, obtrusive advertisements. I get you have to have them, but they shouldn’t eat 75% of the screen. I don’t know if any of that will happen, or if they care, but they are on the clock as the masses are not happy one bit.

19 thoughts on “Flurry of Twitter comments

  1. First of all, I should follow you on Twitter.

    Secondly, this is a very good distillation of what went down re: the twitter comments.

    CC can be caustic at times. He openly states that he trolls for the sake of trolling. However, I think that as time goes by, he realizes that the people who generate the site hits [that gets the revenue that pays the bills] are all having second thoughts about staying. From what I can tell, there are several dozen of us who generate probably half of the page views. If we leave, it may be difficult to replace us.


    1. Just be warned, I’m never, ever on twitter. I signed up solely to communicate with Microsoft because it seemed the only way to get to their customer service. I had to reset my lost password just to bitch at Craig since he seems to not want to show his face in his own comment section.


      1. Oh darn. Here I was hoping I’d be able to follow another intelligent baseball fan on twitter! I’ll do it anyway.

        Open invitation to all HBT readers who are active on twitter and would like another person to talk to, my twitter handle is whatsalemke. Lively conversations are to be had! Although be warned, if for some reason you have an aversion to Greg Maddux you might not want to follow me. 😛

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      2. Well, since this seems like a fairly safe place to share Twitter handles, I’m @KevinSagui. Most of my activity is going to be re-tweeting the same baseball writers we all already follow, but every now and then I’ll come up with an original thought.


      3. Dammit, Scout… 😛

        You have no idea. Also, I met his extended family when I was in Cooperstown and they are the nicest people in the world. And his dad is really tall.

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      4. I’m on Twitter, same handle as my blog and commenting names. My blog posts auto-feed to Twitter. Half the rest of my Twitter use is undistilled, Jack D. Ripper grain alcohol 190-proof, 140-character, snark.


  2. I read your comments on Twitter without knowing that was you. I remember thinking “that guy is really getting after it”. Bravo.

    I can’t figure out how to post tweets here, but this was my response to CC’s super-condascending tweet:

    CC: Definitive proof that HardballTalk’s redesign is a roaring success. We did it, you guys!

    ME: You can condescend all you want. Fact is, it doesn’t work. Many users cannot reply to comments. Fix it, don’t be a dick

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      1. Yeah, he pretended he was only mocking the “this sucks!” crowd, yet your comment had a substantive complaint. He really has turned me off this weekend, which is damn shame, because I don’t think he’s just a regurgitator, I think he has a skill at adding a take that is often insightful and launches a lot of conversation. I guess we all overestimated how much he cares about that last part.


  3. I’m definitely interested in migrating to another site but worry about this as a long-term sustainable option, practically speaking (don’t want to burden you, scout). If anyone has suggestions for a pre-existing baseball site/forum/blog that would do for a mass commentgration, I’m all ears. (My blog isn’t for baseball, or I’d offer myself…) Maybe we can spend the next couple of days digging around for alternatives? BTW, this change has just shot my long weekend to hell. Thanks, NBC. 😦 Booooo!!!!


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