Cy Young Gaffe

Saturday night was the annual BBWAA awards dinner. Justin Verlander and Sandy Alcantara picked up their Cy Young Awards. The BBWAA changed the wording in the trophy for this year—switching out “most outstanding pitcher” to “most valuable pitcher”…or so they thought. Instead, this prized trophy…from the writers but apparently not the editors…read “most valuble” pitcher.…… Continue reading Cy Young Gaffe

HoF Voting Update

This year’s BBWAA Hall of Fame vote will be announced in one week. Approximately 41% of the expected ballots have been revealed as published at Right now Scott Rolen and Todd Helton are hovering in the 80% range. That doesn’t mean for sure they will get in. A large percentage of the, um, grumpier…… Continue reading HoF Voting Update

Why Baseball Can’t Relegate Steroids to the Past

Yesterday the Cubs held a fan event in Chicago. At it, owner Tom Ricketts surprised everyone, including Ryne Sandberg—who was present, with an announcement that a statue of Sandberg would be made and unveiled at Wrigley Field in 2024. It’s a well deserved honor, and in/of itself a fine moment. With the ongoing renovations at…… Continue reading Why Baseball Can’t Relegate Steroids to the Past

Bauer DFA’d

Two weeks ago Trevor Bauer had his suspension reduced such that he was reinstated. His official suspension was for 194 games (reduced from 324), and he had already missed that many, thus the reinstatement. As his time out in 2021 was paid, the Dodgers do not have to pay him for the first 50 games…… Continue reading Bauer DFA’d

11 Years, $331M

Yesterday it was reported that the Red Sox and Rafael Devers were finalizing an 11 year contract worth $331 million. As of today, it still hasn’t been signed, but let’s assume the Red Sox’ front office personnel aren’t insane/professionally figuratively suicidal and that the deal does get signed. I’ve seen reports that they absolutely had…… Continue reading 11 Years, $331M