MadBum DFA’d

The Arizona Diamondbacks have designated pitcher Madison Bumgarner for assignment. They have decided it’s better to absorb the $34M they owe him over the next two seasons rather than try to resurrect him as a productive starting pitcher. The velocity of his fastball has dropped to less than 90 MPH, and his ERA has ballooned…… Continue reading MadBum DFA’d


Okay, I promise I’ll start posting about things other than the Rays’ winning streak soon. However, I am, of course, a Rays fan, so give me this. The Rays have now swept four straight series, vs the Tigers, Nationals, A’s, and Red Sox. Granted, I’ve predicted all four to finish last in their respective divisions.…… Continue reading 13-0!

Rays Are 5-0

The Rays have never started a season 5-0…until now. Of course, it helps to have one’s first two series be against the Tigers and Nationals. Whatever, they’re both MLB teams. The wins count, and I’ll take them.

2023 MLB Preview: Playoffs, Awards, Miscellaneous Guesses

This is the “Nostradumbass” edition of my previews. If you’ve read my division by division breakdowns, you already know who I’ve picked to win the divisions. If not, they were: AL East—Tampa Bay Rays AL Central—Minnesota Twins AL West—Houston Astros NL East—Atlanta Braves NL Central—St Louis Cardinals NL West—San Diego Padres Wild Cards, in no…… Continue reading 2023 MLB Preview: Playoffs, Awards, Miscellaneous Guesses