Best Thing I’ve Seen This Week

The Rockies win the feel-good tweet of the week: After 10 years in the wilderness…both affiliated minors, overseas, and independent leagues, he finally made his big league debut with the Rockies. The 31-year-old rookie got a hit in the seventh inning, stole second, and scored.

“Maturity”—What Maybe Prellier Shouldn’t Say

In the wake of Fernando Tatis’ 80 game suspension, Padres GM talked about Tatis showing a lack of maturity, that such had become a pattern with him. He also talked of trust issues. Obviously, the comment from Prellier was borne of emotion—disappointment and frustration at the development. However, it’s the sort of thing that can…… Continue reading “Maturity”—What Maybe Prellier Shouldn’t Say

Uh Oh

Arizona Diamondbacks drafted Druw Jones in the first round. The son of Andruw Jones, a chip off the ‘ol’ block centerfielder, looked like a can’t miss prospect. The Diamondbacks signed him with a $8.2M bonus. Now, just a few days later, we receive a stark reminder that there are no can’t miss prospects in baseball.…… Continue reading Uh Oh